Wet Nuns-Wet Nuns

Sheffield two piece Wet Nuns have released their first and unfortunately last album as they had recently announced their split prior to a farewell tour. 

Wet Nuns have received previously received plenty of critical acclaim and this debut full length has been hotly anticipated following some impressive releases in the past.  They alos seemed to have coined the genre ‘death blues’ and I suppose it is quite an apt way to describe their music, however opening track 7 Year Itch is an all-out rock and roll affair.  No Death is full of really heavy riffs while the fuzzy Heavens Below keeps this exciting album moving along nicely.  The record takes a bit of a slower pace before upping the ante again with the brilliant blues infused punk track Broken Teeth.  Wet Nuns so they can mix it up a bit as well with Don’t Wanna See Your Face which has a bit of an industrial feel to it.  An excellent record is brought to an end with the melodic No Money Blues, that helps to make sure, in the words of the band themselves, that Wet Nuns will never make a shit album.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

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