The Ballet-Blame Society

Blame Society is the third album from New York trio The Ballet, their first on the fantastic Fortuna POP! label, and is a great album rife with pure unadulterated pop gems.

The band combine indie pop and nostalgic synth pop to great effect as can be heard on excellent opening track Alright as well as the understated but wonderful Cruel Path.  The Ballet are very open about their sexuality as an all-male gay group which also comes across in the lyrical content of their songs, however tracks like Difficult Situations and Feelings can be related to by anyone as well as being truly majestic tunes.  Blame Society really starts to pick up an eighties, this can really be heard on tracks like Too Much Time which starts with a great intro before developing into something that could easily grace any dance floor. 

There is a definite change of tone in the second half of the record too as the more gentle synths are swapped for something much bigger but equally impressive.  There have been comparisons between The Ballet and Magnetic Fields which is reinforced on belting tracks like Is Anybody Out There? and it’s certainly not a bad comparison for The Ballet to have anyway.  Turn You is a particular highlight of the record with its high energy beats and some colourful lyrics that could have various connotations as well as keeping the listener really interested.  Sorry is yet another tune that should be filling dance floors everywhere and can’t help but put a smile on your face upon hearing it for the first time.  I really can’t say enough superlatives about this album and All the Way provides an epic ending for what is a truly amazing record.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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