On The Grind Records-Colours

Colours is a compilation put together by Wigan based label On The Grind Records, of the eight acts featured on the compilation I had only come across Neil Jarvis, Death Masks and Glocks before. 

The record starts with Campfire Waltz by The Bell Peppers which does pretty much what it says on the tin.  Next up are Ratfangs who sound like they could easily be a death metal band but instead Shame, Shame is a delightful piece of dreamy pop music.  Toucans offer up a number which has a country feel to it, while Peacock Feathers by Hitodama is an entrancing track full of great synths.  Neil Jarvis offers up a couple of tracks of which Bats particularly stands out with its great shoegaze sound.  Cactus Knife have a great retro sound on their two tracks and have definitely left me wanting to find out more about them.  Two personal highlights for me were the contributions from Death Masks and Glocks who provide some great indie music and reinforce the strength of this compilation that On The Grind Records have brought us.

Matt Hill

You can get the compilation here.


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