NARCS-Two Birds, One Stone Later

Leeds band NARCS have followed up their single 19, with their debut full-length Two Birds, One Stone Later released on fledgling independent label Clue Records.  After offering up their highly impressive debut single NARCS certainly don’t disappoint with this excellent album which at times has a feeling of good old rock and roll to it.

The band have been garnering comparisons the Arctic Monkeys, which on listening to the album are very unfounded and I can only think that it’s the Yorkshire connection that have made some people say this. 

The high energy indie rock tunes that NARCS provide are emphasised on the opening two tracks of which Sandchild really stands out with its hard hitting riffs.  Lead single 19 is a track of true quality (read more here) while Creatures and Coast to Coast are both highlights featuring driving riffs and catchy choruses that you could easily sing along to straight away.  Collisions is a more melodic track which at times has a menacing feel to it, quickly following it up is the sublime Karaokewith its bouncy rhythm making it a personal favourite.  Next up are a couple more high octane tunes in the form of High Commissioner and Irregular Reader which keep up the energetic feel to the album.  Tall Grass rounds things up coming in at an epic eight minutes, despite this it manages stay fresh throughout beginning slowly before building up into an absolute crescendo.

NARCS have really impressed so far with their early releases along with the excellent Clue Records I am fully expecting more great things from both of them in the future.

Matt Hill  
You can get the album here.

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