Keira Is You-Last Row Needs Heroes

Keira Is You are a band that I was totally unaware of until I opened my emails one day with a download of their latest record courtesy of the fabulous Edils Recordings.  The band are from all the way over in Poland which is another first for this blog having never featured anyone from there before.

Last Row Needs Herosis a great record that has a real eighties emo/goth feel to it and is full of dark looming synths giving the record a superb eerie sound.  The opening really demonstrate the talents of the band as well as showing that they are not afraid of extended tunes as there are only a couple that come in under five minutes throughout the whole record.  Dis is probably one of the most accessible tracks on the record and is the closest thing to a pop tune on there however it is the following track Wait Dale which I found to be aparticular highlight.  There are also more melodic moments of the album like O’Brienwhile the incredible Jill really emphasises the fantastic vocals that feature heavily on the album.  Last Row Needs Heroes ends with the excellent title track which has an almost harrowing feel to it as well as capping off a truly great album.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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