Philophobia Compilation-We Phopped Something in the Water

Wakefield based independent label Philophobia Music have released this excellent compilation to celebrate five years since the formation of this truly great label.  The record is full of fantastic indie music from 20 different artists many of which have featured on here before such as, Runaround kids, The Spills and Fur Blend amongst others.  Although the vast majority of the bands are very local to the label there is a slight anomaly in the form of Clandestines who hail all the way from Malta as well as Irish band We Are Losers.

There is not a bad track on this compilation but amongst the highlights is another brilliant track from The Do’s and it is yet another riotous indie rock tune from a band that are pretty much darlings of this blog.  Another stand out moment is Mi Mye’s contribution, Sometimes Life’s Cool, which is a great melodic track featuring some enchanting vocals.  Elegant Woman, Elephant Man by Imp is a real slow burner whilst being a great departure from their usual stuff and I was really impressed by the fuzzy riffs of SLUGS who are new to the blog.

Unfortunately I couldn’t mention every single track on the compilation but I was mightily impressed by the quality of music that was produced throughout it.  Overall this is a brilliant record that provides great value for money at just five pounds and really says a lot about what a vital label Philophobia Music really is to Wakefield.

Matt Hill  

You can get the record here.


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