Too Many T’s-The TP

London’s Too Many T’s consist of Standaloft and Leon Rhymes and have brought us their brilliant self-titled EP.  Hip hop doesn’t feature on here very often, mainly because I’m hardly an expert but having been to a Too Many T’s last year I was thouroughly impressed and can certainly say that these boys are doing some pretty cool stuff.  The record is full of great tacks like Hazard which has a kind of old school electronica feel to it, 1992 keeps the high standards up as well featuring some more top beats.  It Aint Right is a real highlight of the EP and is a great jazz infused number; whilst the superb Boom Baponly goes further to emphasise the MC skills of Standaloft and Rhymes.  Overall this is a excellent record that is a highly enjoyable listen and has definitely left me looking forward to anything Too Many T’s bring out in the future.
 Matt Hill
The EP is out now and you can get it here

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