Neil Jarvis-Weekends

Wigan’s Neil Jarvis has released his superb album Weekends on independent Wigan based label On The Grind Records.  Weekends is really reminiscent of bands like Pavement and has a great lo-fi feel to it as well as being full of great fuzzy guitars and dreamy beats.

The album opens with the title track which really sets the tone for the entire record and has a great feel to it as well as verging on shoegaze at times.  Although the album follows a similar format throughout this does nothing to take away from what a well-crafted record Jarvis has produced here and in tracks like What’s Done Is Done you get a really summery feel as the weather is finally starting to brighten up.  Don’t Care is another highlight on the album, it has a great intro in addition to a repetitive yet loveable chorus.  Overall Weekends is a brilliant lo-fi record and it ends really well on the soothing Bluebell which helps emphasis what a great album this is.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.

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