The Sorry Kisses/Mark Wynn-Social Situations

The Sorry Kisses and Mark Wynn are releasing split album Social Situations on Desert Mine Music on Record Store Day (20th April).  The Sorry Kisses’ contribution to the record is a great piece of fuzzy pop music, fully of dreamy vocals and catchy hooks that implant the tunes on your memory straight away.  There is a real lo-fi charm to the six tracks that the band have produced and there definitely is not a bad one among them.  Although all the tracks are good Smokescreen and in particular The Man Who Wanted It All, especially the latter which has great hooks and a fantastic sing along chorus.

Next up is Mark Wynn who has featured a couple of times recently and he keeps up his prolific record of producing new material.  Wynn’s brand of mixing acoustic guitars with his spoken word vocals work brilliantly as always and his songs also come across as quick commentaries of his encounters.  There is also a punky undertone to Wynn’s music as there is not always a great deal of structure there but surprisingly they are still easy to follow.  Amongst all this Wynn’s modesty and self-deprecating nature comes to the forefront on tracks like James Bond Song.

Although The Sorry Kisses and Mark Wynn come from different ends of the musical spectrum, this record works really well and Social Situations should be a must buy for anyone.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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