Buen Chico-The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

The patron Saint of Lost Causes is the latest EP from Leeds’ Buen Chico on the excellent independent label Philophobia Music.  The record will be released to coincide with Record Store Day on the 20thof April, to add to the celebrations of all independent record stores.  The band have also added guitarist Matthew Haigh to their ranks, this along with frontman Morgan moving onto keys has given Buen Chico a fuller sound, as well as allowing the band to move in a slightly different direction.

The Patron Saint of Lost Causes is full of great riffs and brilliant indie pop gems that Buen Chico have been producing on a consistent basis.  As with all Philophobia’s releases I can’t pick a bad track and found the introduction of a keyboard really good showing a new side to the band.  Opening track the Golden Ones sums up everything that’s great about Buen Chico, while the title track is a more morose affair but a nice change of pace to the record.  This Is just A Thing That I Am Doing is one of the stand out tracks that you could see filling indie dance floors and has a great shout along chorus.  There is more emphasis on the keys on Thinking About It and Turn This Ship which is a fantastic way to end yet another top record from Buen Chico.

Matt Hill

You canget the EP from some independent record stores on 20th April.


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