Mark Wynn-Eggs, Kes and that bike I never bought you even though I would like to

Mark Wynn’s latest album is another corker and is again produced by Sam Forrest as well as being released on Desert Mine Music.  Eggs, Kes… is the tenth release from the prolific Wynn and although there isn’t a huge progression in style it is a still a thoroughly enjoyable record.

This latest record follows a pattern in a sense how a lot of the songs lack structure in the traditional sense as well as none of the tunes lasting over three minutes.  All these things are clear to hear on album opener Eggs And Juice, which is a great way to begin another fantastic album.  Sometimes Wynn’s speeded up vocals could be hard to follow but this is just yet another thing that adds to his charisma that oozes from the record.

Wynn’s song writing really comes to the forefront on Eggs, Kes… and his own social commentary helps to keep you engaged throughout.  The record is full of great moments and is certainly without a bad one, however Words has to be one of the highlights as it really emphasises how Wynn is a wordsmith of the finest calibre and points out his obvious love of words.  Overall this is another top record from mark Wynn and with his deadpan vocals in his broad accent he’s the sort of person everyone would want to be Yorkshire’s very own poet laureate.

Matt Hill

You can get the album here.


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