Tear Talk/Death Masks-Split EP

Liverpool based Edils Recordings have releases a split EP from Tear Talk and Death Masks, two of the Merseyside region’s most promising young bands.  The opening three tracks come from Tear Talk who are also involved with the brilliant Bleeding Gold Records.  There is a charm about their bleak music as can be heard on the brilliant As You Were, while XXYhas some brilliant synths whilst verging on the shoegaze.  The intro to Put It To Bed is more upbeat but the track still has a gloomy edge to it which is emphasises by some brilliant understated vocals.

Death Masks are a band who were new to me and they didn’t disappoint with their own brand indie pop that has obvious, heavy influence from some of the great eighties bands.  Solutions really sets the tone for their contribution to the record and is full of shimmering guitars and fantastic hooks.  Next up is What I See which is a fine piece of pop music and builds up into a surprisingly rousing crescendo.  Finally Who Built The Walls is the most sedate moment from Death Masks but is still a fine way to wrap up a brilliant record.

Matt Hill

You can get the EP here.


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