The Michael Ainsley Band-Cyclone

Cyclone is the second album from Wakefield’s Michael Ainsley and is yet another top record brought out by the brilliant Philophobia Music.  Ainsley now comes accompanied by a fully band made up of various members from Wakefield bands such as Runaround Kids, Piskie Sits and the now defunct Retarded Fish of Wakefield folklore.

The album kicks off with the title track which starts with chuggy riffs before going into an all-out sing along chorus.  Next up is lead single Long Distance is an infectious piece of indie pop and really sets the tone for an excellent record.  Parasite is full of swooning vocals whilst going into punk rock territory, which oddly complement each other. 

The next two tracks Wanted To Know and Anne Bonny’s Boatslow the pace down as well as being fine examples of the fantastic song writing that is a feature throughout the record.  Happy To Stay begins with just a solitary guitar before turning into a riotous affair that should be filling indie dance floors all over.  Ballad Depend is a real poignant moment, whilst closer Nice And Slow does exactly what it says and builds nicely into a really good chorus. 

Matt Hill

You can pre-order the album as well as checking out Philophobia’s other releases here.


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