Parastatic-Lost Highway

Newcastle’s Parastatic release their debut album, Lost Highway, which is a blend of krautrock, shoegaze and synth pop which all goes together surprisingly well.  Opening track Like A Fraud demonstrates the bands abilities to put all the genres together and has an intro that makes you feel this will be a great album straight away.  GlaxoChem is a little less understated but still features some great hooks, while Where’s Your Baseis a track that begins as full on shoegaze before going into yet more excellent synths.  Parastatic up the tempo again with the sublime Minimum Change, Maximum Time which is quickly followed by, Lostwhich emphasises the fantastic low-key vocals that feature throughout the record.  Breaking Me Down is really reminiscent of bands like Neu! Who have obviously had a big influence on Parastatic, before the album ends with Drama a great way to conclude a brilliant record.

Matt Hill

The album is out on 15 October and can be pre-ordered here.


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