Eat Lights Become Lights-Heavy Electrics

Eat Lights Become Lights is the brainchild of Neil Rudd and their second album, Heavy Electricspicks up where their superb 2011 debut, Autopia, left off.  Rudd claims that Heavy Electrics is the soundtrack to an imaginary film and influences from 80’s sci-fi such as Blade Runner can certainly be seen.

Heavy Electrics is full of excellent synths as well as giving a big nod towards krautrock as can be heard on brilliant opening track, Bound For Magic Mountain.  If the previous track was full of urgency then the title track is one of a brooding anticipation and both these tracks make it a fascinating start to the record. The album takes a darker turn on Syd Mead Cityscapewhich is full of eerie tones, whilst Terminus IV starts slowly and builds up into a great tune that moves along pretty nicely.

Sunrise at Marwar Junction is a real slow burner and features loads of almost ethereal tones, which allow it to build nicely into La Kraut III a track which by the end really makes you want to move your feet.  Penultimate tune Runners verges on pure noise at times while album ender Carousel starts rather serenely before ending frantically making sure the record closes superbly.  Overall Eat Lights Become Lights second album is an absolute joy to hear and would come highly recommended to anyone.

Matt Hill

You can buy the album here.


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