Anthony Reynolds-A World of Colin Wilson

Spoken word albums aren’t usually my thing but I thought I’d give this latest effort from writer and musician Anthony Reynolds a go and was pleasantly surprised.  The album features Reynolds reciting texts from Colin Wilson who was a writer that had an influence on musicians such as David Bowie.

Reynolds’ speech is accompanied by some dark tones and effects which really add to the experience of listening to the record as a whole.  Most of the tracks on the album feature lots of looped piano and can have a real hallowing effect at times.  It’s really interesting to see what sounds have been chosen to go with each extract of speech as some effects very similar to the ones used by Warp Records artists such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher can be heard at times.  Although the vocals are at times distorted and not the easiest to make out there are some pretty profound statements on the record and it is easy to see why someone like Wilson could have an effect on people such as Bowie.
Matt Hill
The album is out on the 20th August and can be pre-ordered here.

One thought on “Anthony Reynolds-A World of Colin Wilson

  1. Anonymous

    It's Colin Wilson himself, as recorded by AR who recites the work, as clearly stated in the Sleeve credits.


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