Cabaret Scene-Porcelain Swimmers

Cabaret Scene’s latest album, Porcelain Swimmers, is really a serene collection of songs that are mixture of bands like Vampire Weekend and MGMT.  The similarities can be seen on opening two tracks Porcelain Swimmers and Simei, the ambience of both songs keeps you interested throughout.  Pagodais another nice tune which gives you the impression it could have been recorded somewhere near the waterfront on the Orient, next up Fabric Canopy is slightly more upbeat and a real joy to listen to.
Lagoa has a Caribbean feel to it, while Pop-Egyptianis one of the most fun tracks to listen and both tracks show that Cabaret scene are happy to experiment with a diverse range of sounds.  There are some real shoegazey moments on Cool Runnings before Pyramids brings the album, proper, to a great end.  The band kindly add a couple of bonus tracks to the end of the record and overall Porcelain Swimmers has shown that Cabaret Scene have a unique take on pop music.
Matt Hill
You can download the album here.

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