Sex Hands-Season 1

Manchester’s Sex Hands have produced a fantastic record full of lo-fi indie pop that blows you away.  There is also a cool retro vibe about Sex Hands which can be heard on opener Parker, while Jingle Bitch is full of great riffs that make the track an instant hit.  Janicehas a darker intro which gives the tune a garage rock sound, Jam Sandwich is an entirely different beast and starts off stutter before building up into something rather spectacular.  Sex Hands slow things down with Sad Eyed Lady (Clean Cover) which breaks the record up nicely before going back into some more indie rock with Joey.  Rembrandts is another track that has a an old school feel to it and along with Janice is one of the stand out moments on the record, Moist Maker is a great way to end proceedings and sees the band on the verge of crooning at times.
Matt Hill
You can get the record here.

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