Cream Soda Grrrl-Reeks Of Effort Records

Another spilt cassette from Reeks Of Efforts sees Playlounge and Joanna Gruesome team up to combine two previously released EP’s.  Playlounge’s excellent debut EP Kitten Frenzy makes up part of this record, it has also been featured on this blog before and instead of going over old ground you can see the review here.  They have also contributed a Museum Moth cover as well as the sublime The Turtle, The Balloon and The Whale, both of these tracks help to underline the urgency of this great band.
The rest of the record is made up of Joanna Gruesome’s debut EP and is full of brilliant lo-fi punk rock recordings.  Opener Sugarcrush definitely reinforces this and is a great way to start proceedings, while Madison brings more of the same and has an intro that immediately draws you into the track.  Lemonade Grrrl shows a slightly more melodic side to that band whilst still managing to maintain their edge and Candy provide a nice change of pace, breaking things up nicely.  Finally Yr Dick wraps things up really well and sees the band go towards a more indie rock direction.  This is another great record from Reeks Of Effort Records and this fledgling independent label could well have a very promising future.
Matt Hill
You can get the record here.

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