Mmdelai-Mmdelai EP

Mmdelai is the solo project of Annemarie Duff, the lead singer of Miniatures who have featured on this blog before, it is also the latest release on independent label Bleeding Gold Records.  Mmdelai are a definite step away from Miniatures as the tunes are full of deep dark guitars rather than the shoegaze theme that the aforementioned band have.  Opener Sicily Sea is a great way to start the record and really sets the tone for the EP with excellent synths with understated vocals.  There’s a similar vibe on Solve For You while White World has a more frantic pace to it as well as featuring some heavier beats.  Wall Of Light and Timing Light are more relaxed moments on the record especially the latter which has moments of absolute beauty on it.  Mmdelai end the EP with another two mellow tunes, We Can’t Fade and Lucid Town, both featuring plenty of looping piano whilst emphasising Duff’s great voice at the same time.
Matt Hill
You can buy the EP here.

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