Too Many T’s @ The Hop-22.06.2012

Standaloft played a homecoming gig as part of Too Many T’s and was part of one of the most innovative and exciting sets Wakefield has seen for a long time.  All this was part of the What Goes On, Stays On tour which saw Too Many T’s and I’m Just Happy join forces to do a UK tour together.  Leon Rhymes was the link to both duos as is part of both groups being joined by beatbox extraordinaire Pikey Esquire to make up I’m Just Happy, both groups were very ably assisted by live DJ Mr Biscuits.
The Passing Fancy opened up proceedings with their jaunty take on folk which has come on leaps and bounds since it was started as frontman, Paul Bateson’s solo project.  They played a real feel good set as always before getting Leon Rhymes up as part of a reworked Norman’s Wisdom which just solidified the whole unity of the night’s events.
Now I’d hardly call myself a hip hop connoisseur, seen as though I own the typical Beastie Boys back catalogue with a scattering of Public Enemy, Jurassic 5 and a few others in my collection, but this was a brilliant evening full of some top quality hip hop.  The set began with both members of Too Many T’s taking to the stage before Pikey Esquire invaded the stage to drop some bass heavy beatboxing skills.  I wasn’t too clued up on I’m Just Happy before the show but this show has definitely made me want to check them out more and I strongly advise anyone else to as well. 
I was expecting two individual sets from each group instead the crowd was treated to an extravaganza from everyone, which gave the whole set a great collective feel.  Too Many T’s have an EP out soon so obviously all the tracks from that were played with the outstanding It Aint Right standing out in particular.  It was the two people who I was least aware of at the start of the night that impressed me the most with Mr Biscuits holding things together from the decks while Pikey Esquire wowed the audience by displaying a wide range of incredible talent.
Overall it was the whole vibe that made the night so good, with everyone on stage always looking like they were enjoying it and getting the crowd involved at every opportunity.  It was things like having break dancers there and the whole feel of things that made everything go so well, while leaving me looking forward to seeing Too Many T’s again already.
Matt Hill
You can find Too Many T’s and I’m Just Happy on Facebook. 
You can get Too Many T’s EP here.

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