Family Portrait Split 7”

Independent label Art Is Hard Records have bought us a great record with two exclusive tracks from four fantastic bands, Gum, Playlounge, Joanna Gruesome and KEEL HER.  The record is full of great lo-fi tracks with a nice 90’s influence; none of the bands have the same sound make it a top record to listen to throughout.
Gum’s two tracks Cherryade and Soon emphasise the whole DIY, lo-fi feel to this record whilst managing to really engage you with some great shoegaze action.  Playlounge are the only band to have featured on here before and have produced two fine pieces of pop punk in the form of Connor, Oh Burstand Revolution Summer.  Joanna Gruesome provide the most punk rock track on the record, Sweater, which is followed by a demo version of the excellent Pantry Girl.  Finally up is KEEL HER a band I have to admit that I was totally unaware before this record and I was pleasantly surprised by their two brilliant tracks, Norman and Wilson.  Overall this is a high quality record with eight fantastic tracks from four different but equally good bands.
Matt Hill
You can buy the record here.

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