Runaround Kids/We Are Losers-Split EP

Wakefield’s Runaround Kids and Dublin’s We Are Losers have combined to bring out this great record on the fantastic Philophobia Music label.  Each band has three songs on the record consisting of two originals and a cover of each other giving both plenty of opportunity to display their talents.
First up are Runaround Kids with two new songs Drinking History and Lesser Loved, two of the bands strongest tracks to date full of fuzzy guitars and great vocals making it a top start to the record.  They follow this up with a cover of We Are Losers, The Narcissistwhich sees some versatility from the band as the track takes a more poppy direction that the two previous ones.
We Are Losers were completely unknown to me before hearing this record but their contribution to the record has just made me wish I’d heard them earlier.  They have a completely different sound to Runaround Kids but their opening two tracks Talk and We Vampires are excellent lo-fi indie pop recordings full of sublime harmonies.  Finally there’s a cover of Runaround Kids Can’t Lose Loverone of the stand out tracks on the EP and a fine moment to end a brilliant record on.
Matt Hill
You can get the record on Philophobia Music’s Bandcamp page.

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