St Gregory Orange-Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge

St Gregory Orange follow up their 2009 debut, Things We Said In Bedrooms, with the sublime Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge.  The record is yet another triumph for the brilliant Wakefield based indie label, Philophobia Music.
The opening two tracks feature plenty of their signature soundscapes, before going into Salem AM, an absolutely delightful pop tune.  St Gregory Orange follow this up with the upbeat My Exile Years before two more stripped back but excellent moments in the form of Obituaries, Northeastern and Setting The Curtain Aflame

Blotter (Swallowing keys) sees the band using bigger synths and is one of the stand out moments on the album.  The band bring the pace down again on the final three tracks and end the record on the simple but effective Sorry Is Easy
St Gregory Orange definitely have a unique sound which is always good and have provides us with an excellent record, which despite being longer than a lot of albums it keeps you entertained for the duration.
Matt Hill
You can get the record on the Bandcamp pages of St Gregory Orange and Philophobia Music.

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