One Day After School…-The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade

One Day After School’s… (ODAS), The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade EP begins with (ninth reality on the right), a sombre little piano number.  Waves of Fatalism has fantastic riffs throughout the   song and really gets the record off to a great start.  Next up is Joyously Void is melancholic at times but is an eerily precise commentary on how vacuous today’s society can be.  Enmity/Entropyverges on punk rock at times and features loads of reverb before ending in a frenzy of noise.  The much slower Circa 99 is a nice change of pace, whilst The Future Is Not Ours ups the ante again and is the standout moment on the record with more excellent riffs.  Between Spaces winds on slowly, but manages to keep you interested for over eight minutes; it is also a really nice, melodic way to end a great record.
Matt Hill
You can purchase the EP on One Day After School’s Bandcamp page.

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