Spectemur Agendo-Philophobia Music Compilation

Wakefield based indie label Philophobia music’s EP compilation, Spectemur Agendo features excellent contributions from two local bands from as well as one that hails from distant Malta.  The two nearby bands in question are The Do’s and Fur Blend both ably accompanied the Maltese band, Clandestines. 
First up are The Do’s who manage to make an incredible racket at times considering that they are only a two-piece.  First track Without a Reason starts the compilation off well and sounds like college rock would do if they hit their instruments much harder.  Clickety Bits starts slow, and then develops into a great tune full of distortion and fuzzy guitars as well as just shading it as the better of the tracks.
Next up Fur Blend offer up two excellent pop songs which feature really interesting male-female vocals at the heart of them.  First up is Deer Stalker has absolutely infectious melodies which make you fall in love with the song straight away.  Bones is another fine effort which has a slower pace but provides a fantastic chorus, overall Fur Blend have contributed two highly impressive track to the record.
Clandestines are given the job of rounding the compilation off and they ensure that this is definitely a record that deserves to have plenty of plays.  You’d Never Have Even Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Need and Heavy Now are both indie gems whilst also in containing plenty of punk rock angst at the same time.
Philophobia Music have given us six excellent tracks from three exciting bands and must be commended for putting such a fantastic record together. 
Matt Hill

You can see Philophobia Music’s Bandcamp page were you can purchase their releases from lo0ads of great bands here

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