PS I love You-Death Dreams

PS I Love You’s second album, Death Dreams is one that I have been highly anticipating as their debut, Meet Me At the Muster Stationwas one of my favourites in recent times.  They have certainly not disappointed here but they do keep you guessing which way the record’s going to go on the title track which is an eerie, instrumental one which makes you think PS I Love You may be taking a change of direction.  Sentimental Dishes is probably the bands most poppy moment to date, taking nothing away from it though it’s a great track which displays Paul Saulnier’s impressive guitar abilities.

Don’t Go sees the band stick sees the band return to top indie rock form, while Toronto is a frantic track which keeps up with some more amazing riffs.  Another track which goes straight through you is Future Dontcare whilst Death Dreams IIbreaks the record up with plenty of feedback.  How Do You Do is a slight change of pace leading into the breath taking Princess Towers which is definitely one of the highlights of the record.  There’s a superb guitar solo on Red Quarter and Sasaktoon sees PS I Love you in a more reflective mood.  First Contact round proceedings off really well and features the most impressive vocals on the album.  PS I Love You have provided another great record, of which Saulnier’s astonishing guitar skills are the driving force, not forgetting Benjamin Nelson who very ably supports him behind the drums.

Matt Hill

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