One Stop Railway @ Bar 1:22 September 14th 2011

One Stop Railway headlined a show of local talent as they played a farewell concert as one of their members is departing for university.
First up was acoustic duo Bisley who were a nice way to start the evening but unfortunately played for too long causing their set to drag on.

Next up young trio Dirty Green Vinyl hit the stage and seem to have revived an old school garage punk sound, however they soon hit a groove of indie pop showing potential for a young band.

Penultimate band The Lost Cassettes look like they would sound like Kasabian but come across more like The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster whilst they fire through a high energy set.

Unfortunately when the headliners, One Stop Railway, make their way onstage most of the crowd have dispersed, this does not deter the band who are on good form and seem to be really enjoying themselves.  They play an upbeat brand of indie whilst various members keep entering the crowd during the show.

One Stop Railway were having lots of fun and this was portrayed in the music as they sounded good throughout, Mr. Hyde particularly stood out and the band sounded even better when they speeded things up.  Overall the night was really good with plenty of Huddersfield’s local talent showing there are good things happening in the area.
Matt Hill

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