Fanfarlo-Rooms Filled With Light (Atlantic)

Fanfarlo’s follow up to 2009 debut Reservoir has put an end to the ‘British Arcade Fire’ moniker which they seemed to pick up.  Having never been a fan of Arcade Fire it was comments like that which made their debut album largely pass me and after hearing their second offering it is something that I now regret.
The album takes a little while to get going as the first two tracks are nothing spectacular but do just enough to keep you listening.  The album really picks up with Lenslife which has an obvious 80’s influence, whilst featuring a variety of instruments without ever sounding like there is too much going on.  Things continue in a similar vein with the barnstorming Shiny Things, which is the clear standout track on the record.
Even more obtuse moments such as Everything Turns are a joy and just give the album more variety.  Overall Rooms Filled With Light is a great record and has definitely made me want to listen to their earlier material after having unfairly never given it a go.
Matt Hill

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