The Lovely Eggs @ Fox and Newt 26th May 2011

It was my first ever visit to the Fox and Newt in Leeds and the first band I saw there was Leeds’ own This Many Boyfriends.  They play a good brand of indie pop with the highlight of their set being Paul Simon which had a great bass line.

Next up came The Lovely Eggs who released their excellent second album Cob Dominos earlier this year.  The husband and wife duo began with a more punk rock version of People are Twats.  The Lovely Eggs get through songs quickly playing tracks from both of their records whilst making a huge racket for a two piece.

The band went through their latest single, Fuck It and as it was a Thursday night they encouraged the crowd to say the same, throw caution to the wind and have a few drinks despite having one last day at work the next day.  They followed this with a medley of Muhammad Ali and All His Friends as well as I’m A Journalist which about singer Holly’s experience of working at a local paper in Lancaster and how she would advise anyone against working at a local paper.

It would be easy to compare The Lovely Eggs to The White Stripes but with a role reversal, however they have a much rawer sound with songs that have some really witty lyrics.  Songs like Why Don’t You Like Me? are a prime example of this as it’s about being in a band and is really funny while having some great melodies in it.  The band are now having to get through songs as they have been informed their time is running out so they go through an excellent version of previous single Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It) which is the loudest point of the night and again it’s surprising that there is only two of them making that noise.

The final song of the night is Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion? which begins really melodic and has Back to the Future references which should please anyone, then it ends up as a mass of a noise and feedback.  Overall the night was brilliant, I can’t recommend The Lovely Eggs enough and everyone should go see them at some point.


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