Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch are an unsigned four piece from Leeds who deliver short, sharp bursts of garage punk. 

The influence of bands like The Ramones is recognisable throughout their songs and none more so than on Bad Reputation.  It definitely has the retro feel of the 70’s punk era without being copycat and the chorus is really catchy and you find yourself singing along to it before the end.

Riffs on songs such as You Soon Found Out and You Don’t Matter No More continue in the same ilk.  However there is also a reminder of bands like the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster in some of the bass lines.

All the songs come in around the two minute mark and are fast paced all the way through.  They all sound good and have a retro sound without imitating what has gone before as well as showing there is room for development from Nervous Twitch.

You can hear all of the songs on their MySpace page and they can also be downloaded for free from their BandCamp page.


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