Wild Beasts-Smother (Domino)

Kendal’s Wild Beasts seem destined for another Mercury nomination after releasing their third album, Smother.  Although Tracks such as Lion’s Share and Loop the Loop stand out, Wild Beasts will never be a singles band thus never troubling the top 40.  However they have built up a ‘cult’ following which seems to be growing upon the release of each record. 

Wild Beasts seemed to have toned down their flamboyance on this latest album, which gives them a more accessible sound, without losing their identity.  The band is also a product of their surroundings as I could not see an album like this being made from a group of young upstarts from a suburban area.  If they can continue their rich vein of creativity which has led to them releasing three albums in as many years I see no reason why they cannot move on to become one of Britain’s great bands of this decade.

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