Metronomy-The English Riviera (Because)

From what I heard of Metronomy’s previous two albums they seemed to be quite hit and miss, with songs sometimes lacking direction.  However on The English Riviera the band seemed to have channelled their focus and brought out an album that makes you happy to listen to it, it could that Joe Mount has brought a new line-up to Metronomy and it is one that really works well together.  The timing of the release is perfect as it is a great record to listen to on a glorious sunny day, of which we seem to be getting plenty of at the moment. 

Metronomy have left any semblance of nu-rave well in the past and have made massive strides with The English Riviera which could possibly see them break further into the mainstream.  They also seem to have progressed much further than any of the other bands from the movement that was so highly acclaimed in the press a few years ago.   

All this gives Metronomy a much smoother sound now as well as showing they have diversity which could lead to them moving in different directions too.  Mount has made a good transition from recording on his computer to the studio and the signs can only point to a bright future for Metronomy.

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