PS I Love You-Meet Me At The Muster Station (Paper Bag)

Canadian duo PS I Love You have released their full debut Meet Me At The Muster Station on the independent Canadian label, Paper Bag.  The album is quite short but the two piece get a lot into hit and really hit the spot with a top notch record.
The album starts and ends with two different parts of the title track which bookmarks the records perfectly.  The album has loads of fuzzy guitars and bass even though there is no bass player which only goes to highlight the talents of frontman Paul Saulnier.
There is not a bad track on the album and tracks like 2012 as well as Breadends particularly stood out, but I really enjoyed the album all the way through.  No discredit to drummer Benjamin Nelson, but Saulnier deserves a special mention as his guitar playing is exemplary and he also sings and plays bass using his foot pedals.
I also went to see PS I Love You recently at The Cockpit and have to say they were excellent live, I would advise anyone to go see them if they get the chance and to definitely pick up this record.

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