Long Division Preview-10th-12th June, Various Venues in Wakefield City Centre

Local fanzine The Rhubarb Bomb and live music venue The Hop have joined forces to bring an exciting new festival called Long Division to Wakefield.  The 3 day event to be held in various venues across the city centre on the weekend of 10th-12th is exactly the kind of occasion that should excite the people of Wakefield as well as those from further afield. 
After attracting bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Pigeon Detectives and The Cribs and a vibrant local music scene, it could be said that Wakefield has been crying out for its own festival and is now ready to step out of the shadow of larger cities like neighbouring Leeds. 
The main event of the festival is the Saturday (11th June) which will be held all day at various venues throughout the city centre.  Venues include traditional pubs like the Graziers and Henry Boons, a commercial nightclub in the form of Mustangs as well as less traditional venues such as the Cathedral and the Town Hall.  The final venue being used on the Saturday will be The Hop, where people can also exchange their tickets for wristbands as they start their Long Division journey.  In addition to this all the venues are within short walking distance of each other so people do not have to spend too much time walking around.
Some established acts such as Los Campesinos!, Darwin Deez and Emmy the Great have been confirmed to perform at Long Division.  There are also plenty of local bands playing which include Runaround Kids, St. Gregory Orange and The Spills all of whom have growing reputations.  With loads of other bands on as well there is guaranteed to something for everyone with a very eclectic line up and with tickets priced so fairly there is no doubt that Long Division offers great value for money. 
After the Saturday is over there will be a free fringe event help in various venues again on the Sunday (12th June).  The fringe event will be held by various promoters and will be used to showcase even more local bands.  This offers people the chance to see even more local talent whilst it is also keeping the cost down for them as they can potentially get two full days of live music for the meagre sum of twelve pounds.
Finally the weekend as a whole will be great I am sure with there being good bands to see at all times and punters do not have to walk around as much which proves troublesome for some people at similar events like Live at Leeds.  As well as looking forward to many of the bands I am also just excited about the festival as a whole and I hope that this could be the beginning of a long future for Long Division.

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