Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Capitol)

The Beastie Boys are certainly not boys anymore but they have turned back the clock and brought out a full-on party album.  The album was supposed to be released back in 2009 but was postponed as MCA was diagnosed with cancer, which in turn led to the reworked version of the album to take the ‘Part Two’ moniker.
After 2004’s To The 5 Boroughs, the Beasties response to 9/11, which was the most mellow and subdued album they had released I never expected an album like this.  The fact that the Beastie Boys can only release records on their terms helps their cause as this is only the fourth album they have brought out in the past 17 years, opposed to releasing four albums in eight years and the beginning of their career.
They set the tone straight away with Make Some Noise a trip down memory lane for many Beastie Boys fans and is quite simply the Beasties’ sounding like they are having fun again.  The song titles like Funky Donkey and Lee Majors Come Again show how much the band have regained their sense of humour.
The Beastie Boys have also gone back to using the combination of live instruments and samples which has proved to be a great success again.  There is also the heavily reverbed vocals which will always be associated with the Beasties, but this is one of the things which helps make it a great Beastie Boys record.
The Beastie Boys have shown that hip hop in the mainstream does not have to be overproduced, like so much is now.  The album is thoroughly enjoyable all the way through even though it is long in terms of contemporary pop albums as it contains 16 tracks.  Anyone who does not own this go and buy it, go through their back catalogue too as they have some brilliant albums.

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