Glasvegas-Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\ (Columbia)

Glasvegas release their follow up to their eponymous debut with a marked improvement.  All the signs since their last release pointed to an album that could have been patched together after tales of overdoses, AWOL lead singers and departing drummers.  However Glasvegas have overcome these with an album full of big build ups and epic choruses.
The similarities to Echo and the Bunnymen are obvious without sounding like a copycat version of them.  The band have also moved away from an album full of reverb like their debut and features a lot more bass, whilst the new drummer seems to have added something as well.  After failing to live up to the heavy anticipation of the first album there has been a bit lees hype around the band this time and they seem to have enjoyed being under less pressure which could lead to them having a prolonged career.

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