The Vaccines-What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (Colombia Records)

The year’s most hyped band has released their debut, and the title of it could be seen as an act of bravado from the band or just a tongue in cheek swipe at the media.
It has to be said that the album delivers exactly what I was expecting, in that supposedly the most exciting guitar band for years are mostly copying what has been done before.  That is what makes the hype surrounding this band baffling as there is no originality here and there are far better bands who will never receive as much recognition in ten years as The Vaccines have in ten months.
The album as a whole is distinctly average and instantly forgettable, but it will obviously do well.  The Strokes influence is obvious and by trying to have that sound The Vaccines need to come close to Is This It by The Strokes and they come nowhere near that standard.
There has also been some controversy about some members of the band coming from middle class backgrounds, but I don’t see that as a problem as long as the songs are good.  Unfortunately they are not and the there is only some promising signs at the end of the album with some songs that sound a bit different.  If these songs represent The Vaccines true sound then there is nothing to get excited about as there nothing exceptional about them.
So to answer the question that the album title asks, I got exactly what I expected from The Vaccines.

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