The Strokes-Angles (Rough Trade)

The Strokes finally release their long awaited fourth album ten years after they exploded onto the scene with their seminal debut, Is This It. 
The Strokes have long painted the picture of band who lack togetherness, since there have been various side projects recently bit nothing from the band as a collective for quite a while.  As well as this lead singer Julian Casablancas did not even join the rest of the band instead opting to add his vocals to the finished tracks. 
This gives the picture that The Strokes are not really a band anymore and have brought out a new album to pacify fans and record companies.  It could be said they have also released to improve their bank balances as any new material by the band is guaranteed to sell well.
Angles certainly does not live up to their first two albums and is probably on a par with the disappointing third album First Impressions of Earth.  The band seem to have gone for a new sound which simply is not working and often sounds work man like at times.  The only redeeming factor you could say about the album is at least it is better than The Vaccines.
Seen as though there first two albums were so good as opposed the most recent two it could be the end of The Strokes who are barely on speaking terms anyway and have already started to distance themselves from Angles on the press.  Is this is so they should be remembered as a band that set the agenda for guitar music in the for a decade.  Their  side project have all enjoyed a degree of success as well and sound better that this latest effort from The Strokes so they should concentrate on them before they fall into mediocrity like so many other band have.

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