Love Music Hate Racism EP Compilation (R*E*P*E*A*T Records)

Love Music Hate Racism and Repeat Records have teamed up bring out this ‘split single’, courtesy of ten bands from across the UK.
Most of the bands on the album could broadly be described as punk, but with so many bands on the record it can’t be defined by genre.  All the bands have contributed two songs each except for Norwich’s Fever Fever who only have one song on here.  However Who Asked You? is one of the standout tracks on the album with its scuzzy riffs and the repetitive but infectious vocal challenge of “Who asked you?  Anyway…”
Ten City Nation have the opening and closing track on the album, but fail to produce much excitement in what turns out to be quite predictable garage rock.  Although their second song The Air Is On Fire would be a lot more enjoyable if it didn’t last for what seems like a long six minutes. 
Both The Shills and Popular Workshop provide some catchy indie, whilst The Shills also give a nice change of pace with an acoustic version of Inertia.  Popular Workshop’s Her Birthday is the pick of their songs, with its shouty vocals and stuttering guitars they’ve produced a real gem.
Some lo-fi punk is brought to us from Kunk and Micropenis, who actually turn out to be quite good despite the name.  Both of these bands bring plenty of enthusiasm and in Attack! Attack! Kunk have produced a great sing along chorus.
Hyman Roth brings the heaviest edge to the record and has a similar feel to the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.  In contrast to Hyman Roth, Greg McDonald’s tracks are the most radio friendly on the album and it is this that makes them sound slightly out of place on here.  Although both of his songs are perfectly palatable they end up sounding far too pedestrian next to the rest of the album.
Glory Glory’s male/female vocals works well for them and also gives them a sound that could be accessible to the masses.  Both of their songs are great, following the Los Campesinos sound that seems to be in at the moment, they are undoubtedly one of the highlights of the record.  Finally Feedback, who are made up of fourteen year olds, provide some gleaming pop-punk also showing they have bags of potential.
Overall this is a great compilation and with so many different bands it would be difficult to not like something on here.  And with particular highlights coming from Fever Fever and Glory Glory, in addition to being for a good cause I would recommend it to anyone.

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