The Streets-Computers and Blues

Mike Skinners final outing as The Streets has turned back the clock to Original Pirate Material and has produced a far more upbeat record than expected.  Skinner had led people to believe that this would not be the case and the album would be a more sedate affair than previous albums of the streets.
However this was immediately dispelled as the album starts with a bang with opening two tracks and only stops for breath on more relaxed tracks like We Can Never be Friends.  Rob Harvey also features heavily on the album adding his vocals to several tracks including lead single Going Through Hell which shows Skinner at his best.  Skinner shows his fun side as well when he is talking of a Facebook romance on OMG.
Computers and Blues is the perfect way for Skinner to sign off from The Streets as it he has gone back to his best and although the album has been a long time coming then it was certainly worth the wait.  Skinner ends the record perfectly on closing track Lock the Locks when he compares his retirement from The Streets to handing his notice and packing up his desk for one last time.



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