Warpaint-The Fool

Warpaint have been one of the most talked about bands of 2010 and have now released their highly anticipated debut, The Fool.  Warpaint are one of many girl bands that have broken through this year, but they bring something different to the fold than others like Best Coast have done before.  Despite the band having Hollywood ties through their former drummer Shannyn Sossamon as well as having John Frusciante on speed-dial, they are a band to be taken seriously.
Warpaint’s dark and understated tones draw comparisons to The XX, however they have managed to stamp out their own identity with their record.  The fact that two of the band members were raised in hippie communes is also a large indicator to Warpaint’s sound during the album.  There are tracks on the album, Composure and Undertow, that stand out more than others but the record should be listened to as a whole and is great endorsement people to keep buying albums instead of the ‘pick and mix’ option that iTunes has created.  Warpaint could easily be dismissed as a hipster band but The Fool proves that the band are unique and have a great sound.

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