Kings of Leon-Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon are a band that I have never been able to get passionate about.  And this fifth album from the Followhill’s has failed to change that.
Come Around Sundown begins as expected with stadium rock anthems, following suit to the Kings of Leon’s recent rise to superstardom.  However none of this tracks really stand out and appear to give the album a far more of a middle of the road status that their previous efforts.
Despite none of the songs being particularly bad there are also no standout moments on the album giving it a distinct feel of lack of progress from the band.  There is one or two redeeming features, such as on Back Down South when the band take a far mellower moment.  Mary is also another good track and gives a slight glance back to earlier albums.
I’m sure Kings of Leon will be back in the future, but it will be interesting to see if they can recapture the sound that made so many people fall in love with them. 

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