England Continue to Struggle

England never fail to surprise me, after their nightmare world cup campaign it looked like they had recovered and were on their too comfortable qualification for Euro 2012.  However Fabio and his boys failed to contend for the footballing giants that are Montenegro.  In the end England were fortunate to get a draw as Montenegro hi the bar as the game was reaching its conclusion.
Obviously Capello’s insistence at playing 442 is not working and just as they did in the world cup England looked flat, unenthusiastic and completely different players to the ones we see gracing the premier league every week.  Now is the time for Capello to leave his post as England manager, he has proved that his stubbornness to change his tactics and his squad is having a great detrimental effect on the team.  His refusal to take Wayne Rooney off in any situation is also baffling as Rooney hasn’t performed well at international level for some time.  Capello also said he would be changing the squad and bringing in much younger players and getting rid of some of the underperformers and by giving a 33 year old Kevin Davies his international debut Capello contradicted his previous statement.  Nothing against Kevin Davies he does a good job for Bolton but is too old and not prolific enough to revolutionise the England team.
So at least if Capello was to go now it would give England time to get a new manager in place and bring to an end a series of embarrassing performances and results.  Capello has also proved that any promises of an overhaul to the squad-only Adam Johnson is a recent regular addition to the squad-were completely empty.

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