Magnetic Man-Album Review

Dubstep “super group” Magnetic Man have brought the previously underground genre into the mainstream. As with most underground movements Magnetic Man, consisting of producers Skream, Benga and Artwork, have been accused of selling out by long term supporters of the dubstep movement. Dubstep was first brought to the attention of a larger audience when Burial’s album Untrue was nominate for the 2008 Mercury prize.

Although Magnetic Man are seen as a dubstep trio many of the album’s tracks lack bass, as can be heard in string heavy opener Flying Into Tokyo. This can also be seen in the commercial success that Magnetic Man have had as both top 20 singles, I Need Air and Perfect Stranger, both lack bass despite being decent pop songs. Ms. Dynamite makes a return to form on Fire a track that should keep both the purists and newcomers to the scene happy. As the second half of the album gets going the bass is finally dropped in tracks such as Mad and Karma Crazy. Overall Magnetic Man have produced a good debut but there are problems to be addressed if they want to keep both old and new fans.



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