Karen Elson-The Ghost Who Walks

Karen Elson-The Ghost Who Walks
It’s extremely difficult to be optimistic over this album as the only reason it’s been released is due to Elson’s marriage to a certain Jack White.  However Elson was performing in The Citizens Band, in addition to recording a duet with Cat Power in 2006.  However despite her obvious musical pedigree it would be very difficult for anyone to approach this album without a degree of cynicism. 
The Ghost Who Walks certainly begins in predictable style as the opening four tracks are heavily influenced by, drummer and producer, White’s bluesy guitars and country beats leaving a feeling of merely going over old ground.  It is not until the carousel sounds of 100 Years From Now creates images of a seaside pier of a golden age.  That track definitely stands out though as the rest of the album then continues in a monotonous tone and Elson continues to exude zero personality leading to a detachment between listener and artist.  Elson seems to have some vocal ability and if she is to continue making music then a mover away from White’s production and an attempt to establish her on personality on her records would be vital.

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